How Does Video Marketing Work?

It’s Ok We Have A Plan For You!

We Have a Simple 3-Step Plan For Your Video Marketing

Get In Touch

You are just a step away from changing your whole perspective on video marketing. Complete THE ONLINE FORM and we will get in contact with you within one business day. Alternatively if you’d prefer a good old fashion conversation our number to call is 07789 750 561. We will listen to your needs and advise you on what to do next. We’ll then invite you to meet up or have a longer phone/zoom call, so that we can really get to know your business and how Autumn Films can assist you in creating a video/film that will compel action.

Find Your Story

We strongly believe that the hero of your story needs to be your clients and not you or your brand. We’ll take you through our storytelling process, and of course, we will guide you in finding your perfect hero within your current client base. We’ll develop the story with you and show you the touchpoints in each story that’ll really sell your product or service. We will work closely with your hero to understand their story and their interaction with you. What conflicts they were experiencing before your organisation, guiding them to a better place. How life has altered for them since engaging with you. We’ll look after your hero, make them feel comfortable and inform them every step of the way.


Once our story plot points are in place, we start filming. Two days should be plenty for us to capture enough footage to complement your storyline. The first thing we do is interview your hero. The questions we ask are all carefully worked through to not miss a beat. We’ll then go into the edit suite and pull the story together. Please give us a couple of weeks as this a crucial time. Once we’re done, we’ll send you a copy for comments, and then we’ll guide you on how to release your new brand film to the world and watch the likes, views and interactions stack-up.

The Complete Content Storytelling Process!

storytelling matters
story matters

Who could benefit from our Brand Storytelling approach?

Everyone! There isn’t a brand/organisation we’ve come across that didn’t have a story to tell. From charitable organisations who want to connect with donors. Commercial Businesses that wish to communicate with potential investors. Educational Establishments wanting to reach a wider school community. Health Care Providers needing to communicate with patients. Medical Device Producers want to reach Health Care Professionals or Pharmaceutical Companies to raise awareness of their products. All of these sectors have benefited from our Brand Storytelling approach.

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We’d love to come and meet you in person. There really is no charge for our consultation time. In fact, the more we can learn about you, the more beneficial it’ll be for both of us. All we need is a little of your time. To find out more about how we can assist your video content strategy, CONTACT US HERE or call Martin direct

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