Video Editing

Crafting The Film

Video editing is where Autumn Films make the magic work. Our editing process is the final part of our film production process and one that we take very seriously. Whilst cutting the story together we follow our storytelling plot points, ones that we have pre-agreed with the client. We cover everything during this video editing process and once we have a cut story line to show the client, we will let them have input and share any relevant comments.

Video Editing Revison

Because we take great care in our pre-production methods and know exactly how the the storyline should go, we find that large revisons on our film products are rare. However revisons are sometimes necessary to enable the film to flow, which in turn will enable the viewer to have a more connected experience.

Sound Design v Subtitles

As creatives it of course breaks our heart to hear that around 85% of videos watched on Facebook are done so with the audio off. There are of course many reason why this is the case, but as filmmakers we need to be aware of this. It’s just one of the reasons that prior to starting work on a clients project, we really understand the purpose of the film and where it’s like to be shown.

If the film is solely for internet use then we would advocate using our subtitle service. If the film is to be watch in a large auditorium then we would suggest spending much more time layering the sound design to give the audience full impact. We’d be happy to discuss all of these options once you are ready to connect with us.