Small Business Promotional Videos

A Wheelchair Changing the Disability Landscape

Small Business Promotional Videos

Gaining Independence – Phil’s Story

Small business promotional videos take on many forms. You’ve probably figured by now that Autumn Films specialise our corporate videos around effective storytelling.

Conquering Horizons Trusted Us!

One of our latest films began when the Conquering Horizons team contacted Autumn Films to help promote their amazing prototype wheelchair. Their initial thoughts were to put together several facts and figures relating to the wheelchair, super cool functionality and then lay some footage around the text. This all sounds fairly standard, and it’s a request we receive most weeks from organisations seeking help with their online video content.

Facts and figures are, of course, important and have their place in marketing. At Autumn Films, we like to dig behind the fact and figures and identify the effects these statistics have on human stories. In the case of Conquering Horizons, we focused our story around the creator of the Victor wheelchair. We wanted to connect the brand to the audience with a story rather than statistics. Studies have proved that we are far more likely to connect with a brand or product if we connect emotionally as human beings.

Powerful Stories Win The Day


We believe that stories are the most powerful form of communication. Stories help to move people emotionally, shift perspectives, and inspire action. And science backs us up.