As a lot of you will already be aware, having video content on your website really helps with communicating to current and potential clients. The great news is that Martin can not only offer you a solution for your still photography, but also any video content you require.

What are short web videos?

Short web videos is pretty much what it says on the tin. They are fantastic at promoting parts of your business you want to sing about. A maximum of two minutes long short web videos are designed to be impacting, keeping your viewer interested and informed without boring them with lengthy uninteresting content.

What are the benefits of short web videos?

Quickly Deliver Your Message through web videos

Unless your website visitors have amazing speed-reading skills, it is a safe bet that they digest information they see and hear faster than information they read.  Because of this, a custom video is a great way to get your message across in a format visitors will quickly and easily understand and digest. Video shouldn’t completely replace written content and still photography, but it is a great complement to your copy and will strengthen your message overall.

Engage Your Website Visitors with web videos

Custom web videos are a great way to bring visitors to your website through improved search engine rankings, get them to focus on your message in multiple ways (visually, audibly, etc) and get them to spend more time on your website. This mean they are spending more time exposed to your value proposition, calls to action, etc.

Custom web videos offer the unique advantage over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it SHOWS them. This is the difference between passive and active engagement. As a rule, people learn and remember information better if they are actively engaged. Custom web videos accomplishes the goal of your website actively engaging visitors.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Search engines LOVE new content, whether it is fresh copy, a new blog post, a press release, or custom web videos.  Every time you add content, your search engine rankings will see an uptick. So, why not go the extra mile and make that fresh content with  custom web videos?  You can even multiply the search engine bump by using targeted keywords (limit to 1-2) in the video title, tags and description.  Don’t just add the video to your website, create a channel on YouTube (did we mention that Google owns YouTube) to really maximize the SEO benefit as the result of your videos.

Plus, you can maximize the benefit of improved SEO by sharing the video through your social media networks.

Give Your Company a Personality with web videos

You can claim to be a hip, cool, fun company that is dedicated to solving its customers’ problems and delivering on their needs until you are blue in the face and jumping at the moon. But why not use a video to drive home that message?

I get, those “get to know us” profiles where your employees talk about their dog or underwater lego star wars hobby are great, but what better way to accurately present your company culture and personality than through a custom video of your team in action.

Strengthen the Bond with Your Visitors

A great way to strengthen the bond with your website visitors is to publish custom web videos featuring your employees.  People like to buy from people they know, or at least that they feel they know. So, why not introduce visitors to your team through custom web videos?  Whether the web videos are employee profiles, product demonstrations or a live delivery of your company mission statement and values, video is a great way to get visitors closer to you and your company.

Increase Your Reach

Just as you can increase your reach by integrating your blog with social media networks, you can do the same with custom web videos.  By both sharing your video through your own social media networks and allowing visitors to do same through theirs, you create the opportunity for your custom web videos to go viral.  Remember, post that video to your YouTube channel (Google loves YouTube videos) so you have an additional place to promote, and to get promoted.

Stand Out from Your Competition

Custom web videos are a great way to differentiate yourself from your local competition.  The simple truth is, not many companies have yet to was up to web videos. Least to say lack the vision, the creativity, or the guts to put a living, breathing representation of their company and product/service on their website.  Those that do will have a major advantage over their rivals.  Whether your industry is highly commoditised or highly specialised, utilising custom web videos on your website will make you stand out.

Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

Getting someone to visit your website once is a good thing, getting them to come back over and over again is the best thing.  Every time someone comes back to your website, it is an opportunity to expose them to your value propositions and encourage them to take specific buying actions.  A great way to get people to regularly visit your website is to add exciting, engaging and useful videos that deliver your targeted message and provide value to viewers.

This benefit is especially true if you are using video to educate your website visitors about an issue, topic, or other area of concern.  Want to teach your website visitors how to use your product in their home?

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