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A Chance to Shine – School Prospectus Photography

At this time of the year it’s when head teachers start to think about their school marketing, for both this and the next academic year. I believe that I have the perfect solution for you to help promote your school with images both perspective and current parents will love. At no other point in time has it been more important for schools to showcase their schools strengths, facilities and of course a child’s love of learning.

I’ve been blessed over many years to work with some of the top schools in the country, both independent and state. The process of capturing a fabulous set of school prospectus photos is a relative simple one, as long as we plan the shoot in depth and communicate effectively. Most school prospectuses can be shot over two days and in even some circumstances it’s possible to cover a smaller school in a day. One of the most important factors of the day is the ability to work closely with both staff and children and ensure that they feel relaxed and informed prior to taking photos. I’m able to capture the photos I do because of the trust element I’m able to build within the school environment.

The Process of school prospectus photography

Once you have been in contact and fed across to me your requirements for imagery, I’ll then send over to you a detailed quote, outlining my fees and what you expect to receive from me. Once you are happy to proceed, we will then work together building a shoot plan for the day/s photography. This can either be done face to face, over email, the phone or even SKYPE. The more information that we can put together, the smoother the photography day will run. It’s really important to get all teaching staff onside and fully briefed for the days photography. I fully understand that a school working day can be incredibly hectic and therefore it’s worth building this in to the days schedule. Don’t worry if your times slip a little, it’s perfectly normal and things can be caught up.

Once the days shoot is complete, I then go in to a period of post editing, getting the images looking fantastic and ready for print. Your school images will then be loaded onto a secure part of my website that only the head teacher or head of marketing will have access to. The site is password protected and passwords must not be circulated. This is to protect your set of images prior to them being given the ok from the head teachers. On occasions some children have a protection order, which means they cannot be photographed or used for marketing purposes. It is for this reason images are checked thoroughly before full release of the images in order to avoid any distress to parents or child.

Once the school images have been checked and verified a download facility will be activated on the site which will allow download and image circulation amongst your marketing agencies.

Printing your school prospectus

Now that you have some fabulous school prospectus photographs, you’ll want to show them off. Well I can help with that to as I have teamed of with Richard Allen from Gemini West in Bristol. Richard is an expert in printing and will lead you through the whole process of putting together a fantastic printed school prospectus.

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