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Promo Video


Going Behind The Facts

Promo video can take on many guises. Jon & Kirsty of Mearns & Pike wanted a short film to go along with their entry into the annual PR awards in healthcare. Rather than focus on what they do, we decided to create the story around why they do what they do. Approaching the story concept this way, we were able to engage the judging panel, and thankfully this proved a successful approach. Mearns & Pike collected four awards in various categories.

Of course, their success wasn’t down to having a fab promo video. It would have been down to their wonderful approach towards healthcare PR. However, engaging the judging panel with a WHY story would have endeared their message to the panel. We could have focused on the facts and figures of their business. We created an engaging film that humanised their brand and made them relatable by going behind the facts.