Marcus TrescothickBalloon fiesta Bristol shot by Autumn Films video production company

Video Content

We all know how important video content and digital content is to our overall marketing plan this day and age. With the improvement of internet speeds and mobile technology it’s never been easier to create and upload video content to the web. However most video content online isn’t really fit for purpose and doesn’t have the desired effect creators crave. The desired effect of course is connection with an audience and ultimately compelling someone to contact your business/charity.

At this point we have to hold our hands up and say that we like to do things slightly different than your average production company. At Autumn Films we are passionate about story. You have something you’d like to express to your audience–an idea, a cause, or a product–and story is your bridge to carry them into your way of understanding. Story is the bridge that can carry them across the divide and to the other shore.

At Autumn Films we specialise in creating short films to achieve just this. Our proven short filmmaking formula is known as the MUSE STORYTELLING process and it one that Autumn Films learnt whilst on a six-month course in the USA in 2017. It’s a fascinating system of storytelling and has been proven a great success throughout the world. Learn more about our three step approach, pre production, production and post production. You’ll be amazed how in-depth we go with our storytelling. For more information visit our Film Production Page