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RESONATE has been designed with businesses like yours and it will really open your mind to what can be achieved. It’s a process we use to maximise your online video content and is designed with two simple outcomes in mind. To enhance your brand reputation and to drive connection and ultimately sales !

At Autumn Films we are curious listeners and we will work with your communication team to identify the very best approach to your video content needs, matched inline with your business vision and marketing objective. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of effective storytelling and explain to you why RESONATE is so successful in connecting customers to brands.

RESONATE is about collaboration between us and YOU! It is about delivering powerful video content that will move the heart and compel action.

Who could benefit from a RESONATE approach?

There are stories in every walk of life from charitable organisations who want to connect with their donors, Commercial Businesses who need to communicate with their investors, Educational Establishments who need to reach their school community, Health Care Providers who need to communicate with their patients, Medical Device Producers who want to reach Health Care Professionals or Pharmaceutical Companies wanting to raise awareness. All of these sectors have benefited from the RESONATE approach.

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We’d love to come and meet you in person. There really is no charge for our consultation time. In fact the more we can learn about you the more beneficial it’ll be for both of us. All we need is a little of your time. To find out more about how we can assist your video content strategy CONTACT US HERE or call Martin direct 07789 750 561.