The Art of Filmmaking – Rising From The Floor 

The Story Of How A Medical Device Changed A Life


Medical Products

Medical Products changing the world

At Autumn Films, we are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the worlds best producers of medical products. Companies such as Medtronic, Santen & Bausch + Lomb have trusted us by telling their medical product stories. As you’ve probably figured by now, our videos & films are more focused on the human story than bombarding audiences with facts and figures.

It’s important to clarify that we are not telling you that you always have to use a story or that you should never use statistics, statements, or facts. There is certainly a time and a place for both. But we don’t want to confuse statistics and facts with stories. We then ask ourselves, why should we stay close to the story rather than facts and figures?

Three Reasons Why Story works

At Autumn films, we feel that storytelling is the most powerful and effective way of communicating. Well told stories help move people emotionally, change perspective and compel action.

Storytelling lifts us to another world. We like to call this narrative transportation. You’ll be familiar with the experience but may be unfamiliar with the term. It’s when the world dissolves around us when immersed in a story. Many studies have identified that the further we become transported into a story, the more likely we will take on the beliefs within the story.

The story is unmatched in its power to move. Plenty of studies have shown that our behaviour is massively influenced by emotion and how emotion makes us feel. A great story that moves an audience can also influence their behaviour and drive them to action.

The story allows us to be a witness to a series of events. The story takes us on a path that allows us to put together things ourselves. Rather than giving people the answer and telling them what to think, a story can take us on a journey where we come to our own conclusions. And when the idea and thoughts are yours, it’s far more trusted.