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Data protection (GDPR) policy

This policy communicates detailed information about how Autumn Films collects, stores and uses personal data throughout the process of you using this website, enquiring about a film shoot, booking a consultation, carrying out a shoot, editing and delivering film content, and adding data (image and written details) to Autumn Films online and print portfolios (website, blog, newsletter, social media, printed brochures, price lists etc).

After your shoot we may have collected written details (via email or contact form) that may include your name and contact information, and digital film or photographs/ images of you (that may be identified as you) from your shoot with me. Your identifiable details come under data protection.

Data controller & processor details:

Autumn Films

Newlands Road,




+44 (0) 7789 750 561


The data I process
Your contact details, details about your shoot, images from your shoot, images that may be identifiable as you, images that may be identifiable as your company, images that may be identifiable as your clients/ guests (if event photography).

Why I process/ collect your data.
To be able to contact you regarding your shoot and to be able to consult with you regarding your shoot, pre-shoot or post-shoot services, to offer you the best service, to edit your film clips, to retouch your film clips and to deliver your film footage.  To add to my ongoing online and film portfolios. I also keep your film clips to ensure I have your footage should you lose your clips or require another copy.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time
You have the right to know what data I hold at any time
You have the right to have the information I hold deleted at any time
You have a right to complain to the ICO if you are concerned about how we, Autumn Films (on behalf of Martin Hill Photography) handle your data

Find out more at: https://ico.org.uk

Informed consent’ is crucial and a key part of the new GDPR (data protection) legislation. Consent must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.

Please read below how I may use your data with your consent.


During our first communication via this site’s contact form I will collect the details you give me in my email software in order to communicate with you.


During our communication and in setting up your session we create a folder in our email software with your name and the date of your shoot. In setting up your session I will most likely receive your name, email address, phone number and other details – these email correspondences are kept in your folder in our email software so we can find you and communicate with you easily.

After your filming session we may send follow up email/s in relation to your shoot, online viewing, receiving your final film, and any further products you may purchase from us.

After filming we keep your email folder & emails connected with your shoot in our archives. We clear client details (if we haven’t worked with you for some time) from my email archives every 10 years.


Your contact details may also be kept in our phone so we can contact you during the time we are working together.
We don’t have a formal delete date but we are mindful to delete clients that we haven’t worked with for some time after 2-years.


Once you’ve booked your film we create a folder on an external hard drive that is named with your name and the date of your film project. We keep all of the digital film footage from your shoot in this folder. The external hard drives are stored in our office and are only accessed by Autumn Films.


We may upload a wide selection of your digital footage to our website for marketing purposes. If you wish not to be included within our gallery please contact Autumn Films.


We may use film footage that may be identifiable as you, and details that may identify you, on the Autumn Films website and/or blog


Our website is hosted via WP ENGINE on United States servers compliant with GDPR


We may use completed films from your shoot that may be identifiable as you in my social media portfolios.

TWITTER   https://twitter.com/@martinhillphoto
Twitter’s privacy policy

FACEBOOK  www.facebook.com/autumnfilms
Facebook’s privacy policy

LINKED IN  www.linkedin.com/in/
Linked In’s privacy policy


We may store film footage from your shoot that may be identifiable as you in a non-public folder on Dropbox if uploading them to use on my website, blog, social media or as part of my portfolio. Dropbox is GDPR compliant.


We may store footage from your shoot that may be identifiable as you in my phone/ iPad ‘photos’ folder if uploading them to use on my website, blog, social media or as part of my portfolio.


If you would like to stay up to date with our latest news and offers please sign up for my newsletter here:

Autumn Films


We may keep your email correspondence (and data contained) connected with your shoot in our electronic archives which are stored in our email software, phone and/ or on external hard drives for no less than one year.
We empty my email archives every 10 years.

We may keep your film footage/ digital images connected with your shoot in our electronic archives which are stored on an external hard drive, and in our online portfolios.
We don’t have a formal delete date but can provide one if required.


For any use unlisted here we will seek your permission in addition to this form, and will not proceed without express agreement in writing/ by email from you.
We will never sell footage from your shoot that may be identifiable as you.


Information Sharing
We may provide the information that we collect and the data generated by website cookies to third parties. Such third parties may use the information to maintain various databases.

Links to Third Party Sites (see below).

Autumn Films endeavours to work with suppliers and bodies that are committed to good privacy practices and who are GDPR compliant. Autumn Films is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those other web sites, please click on supplier names to see individual privacy policies below:

Hosting & archiving Autumn Films emails including contact details1


Hosting and archiving the ‘backend’ of Lucy Williams Photography website and blog

Hosting and archiving contact details of those signed up for the Martin Hill Photography newsletter

Backing up my phone (contacts, apps, not photos), hosting and archiving martinhill@me.com emails and storing contacts from my phone and my hard drive.


  • Storing contact details, including phone numbers and emails
  • Storing ‘behind the scenes’ images taken on my phone
  • Storing images ready to upload to social media
  • Accessing apps like Dropbox, VSCO, Pic Tap Go, social media apps etc


  • Storing and archiving invoices including contact details
  • Storing and archiving social media images
  • Backing up footage from my iphone
  • Occasionally delivering an image or sets of images to clients
  • Occasionally delivering paperwork & forms to clients


Occasionally delivering an image or sets of images to clients


  • Hosting clients’ online galleries
  • Storing and archiving images as part of clients’ online image gallery


Images are temporarily processed through Transmit, FTP software, whilst uploading for client delivery to client servers, The Image File, One Vision


We sometimes outsource our footage retouching work to various retouchers. We will ensure that we confirm the services we use as GDPR compliant before moving ahead with outsourcing. We will ensure that the retouchers do not use mages identifiable as you. If they should want to use these images for portfolio use we will ensure they contact you for permission.


We use small information files called cookies on our website to better the user experience while visiting the website. Where applicable our website uses a cookie control system allowing the user on their first visit to the website to allow the use of cookies on their computer / device. This complies with recent legislation requirements for websites to obtain explicit consent from users before leaving behind or reading files such as cookies on a user’s computer / device.