What is Story?

Story is the retelling of events, real or imagined, often told from a single perspective. Story is our way of connecting back to one another. Story is about learning, growing, and experiencing change. 

But not everything is a story. The fact that there are approx 11 million people in the UK with disabilities is not a story—it’s a statistic or a fact. A story is the lived experiences of one of those people.

Who could benefit from an Autumn Film Production?

There are stories in every walk of life from charitable organisations who want to connect with their donors, Commercial Businesses who need to communicate with their investors, Educational Establishments who need to reach their school community, Health Care Providers who need to communicate with their patients, Medical Device Producers who want to reach Health Care Professionals or Pharmaceutical Companies wanting to raise awareness. These are but a few examples of the many charities, businesses and brands who have already benefitted from an Autumn Film Production.  

Some of the charities, business and brands that we have had the privilege to work with to date are: Network Rail, Medtronic, Santen, Osbourne, Access Performance, Mearns & Pike, Children’s Hospice SouthWest, Go Commando, Marcus Trescothic, James Hildreth and Pivotal Points.

Story Finding

The initial step is about visiting an organisation to discover what that charity/ business/ brand is all about and the effect that it has had on individuals.  It is important for us to truly understand the purpose of the film from the client’s perspective.  We will work with each and every client to find an individual whose life has been touched by the charity/ business/ brand.  It is essential for us to be able to identify an emotive story that will connect with audiences and therefore maximise the impact of the film.

Story Development 

When we have identified your story, we will adopt our scientifically proven storytelling approach to carefully structure the narrative to effectively immerse audiences and compel them to action.

Film Production

We will sensitively bring the story to life with the use of our filming process.  In post-production we will refine and polish your story in order the maximise its impact.

Our Work