The Guardian of the Golden Gate

Story About Mental Health Crisis  

Mental Health Crisis – Guardian Of The Golden Gate Bridge 

Kevin Briggs was passionate about helping those in a mental health crisis. As a former traffic cop near San Francisco, he was often exposed to a mental health crisis in his day to day work. In particular, the popular suicide location of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin felt vulnerable due to the police department’s lack of training in mental health situations.

Pivotal Points

Upon retirement from the Police Force, Kevin set up the Pivotal Points initiative. A concept where Kevin teaches audiences how to act, behave when faced with a person having a mental health crisis. Our film is a classic “why story”. Why Kevin does what he does and the life experiences that led him to a path of starting Pivotal Points.

On Location in San Francisco

It’s also worth noting that a subbed film was made whilst shooting in San Francisco. We won’t go into too many details here, but you can read and watch this film HERE.