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Marcus Trescothick

It’s true to say that Marcus Trescothick is one of the finest cricketers England has ever produced. A glittering career on the international stage was sadly cut short when Marcus was diagnosed with a debilitating mental health condition. It was a condition that had plagued him for sometime, but he was still able to perform at the top of his game. For most this crushing illness would signal the end of a sporting career. Not so for Marcus Trescothick! After a spell of rehabilitation he returned to domestic cricket and his beloved Somerset County CC  . 

With his continued success with SCCC Marcus was rightly honoured with a testimonial year in 2018. I have to say that receiving a testimonial year is a great honour any sporting club could bestow on its player. He however has been fortunate enough to be honoured with two testimonials over his career. Highly unusual but indicative of the length of service Marcus has given the club over the past 26 years.

It’s at this point we were approached as part of Autumn Films to help create a short film promoting Marcus’s testimonial year. The challenge we had was how to encourage audiences to engage with Marcus’s testimonial. It was made more challenging as this was the second testimonial Marcus had been awarded in ten years. Our biggest concern was audience apathy. So it was our decision to focus on Marcus’s biggest conflict in his life and how he overcame his mental health issues. Our film was very well received with over 250,000 impressions, boosting his testimonial year.

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