Corporate Filming with Story at the Heart

It is always my aim to help any organisation to develop their story in an emotional moving way with absolute clarity and intention. Great story telling is at the heart of what we do and believe strongly that a well told story will captivate any audience. We’ll work in conjunction with you to help tell your story by using our tried and tested story telling process.

As I’m sure you are aware web videos are becoming a must have and it’s very tough to do yourself. Because of the complexities of filming, sound quality, production value to name but a few elements of website videos it’s always best to get it done professionally. It’s important to ensure that we work together in collaboration in order to get your story across to your clients.

Story Telling using web videos

Every business/person or charity has a story to tell. I can help you tell your story using web videos, helping you to communicate with your clients/future clients effectively. Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end but did you know there are many plot points along this journey that will keep your viewer engaged with your video. I’ll work with you to create a short film that will hook your viewer, teach them and subtly call them them to action.

Web Videos Perfect for small businesses

No matter how small the business there is always a really important story to tell. It’s proven that web videos have a huge impact on marketing businesses irrespective of their size. Clients love to see a companies story before making that first inquiry. A beautifully shot and edited web video can really bring your brand alive and make it appear much more human than perhaps a still image can do.

If you’d like to meet up for a no obligation chat about your vision for web videos I’d love to hear from you, so please do get in CONTACT

Event Marketing Web Videos

Do you have an event coming up that you’d like to sing about loud and proud. Short web videos are a great tool in letting potential audiences know about your event. Web videos are perfect for sharing on social media platforms and I’ll even help you out by hosting your web videos on my vimeo site, which will allow you to share HD films on your preferred social media page.