Brain Tumour Support Charity Video

Supporting Brain Tumour Support

Charity Video – Brain Tumour Support

Towards the end of 2019, Autumn Films decided to hold a competition. We wanted to give a little back and have the opportunity to tell an amazing story. We sent our intentions to support a charity through 2020 via all of our social media platforms.

We wanted to partner with a charity that not only had a great story but also really understood how a well-told story could influence a message. To say we were inundated with entries was an understatement. We really didn’t appreciate how many charities were out there, from small independent charities to large nationals. As time went on, we realised that the small independent charities really needed our help, as fundraising for these guys is much more of a challenge.

Little did we know that the Coronavirus pandemic was just around the corner, and these smaller charities really would need all the help they could get.

It took a while for us to make our final decision. There were so many amazing stories that we could have told, and all of them very worthy. Eventually, we decided on the wonderful charity Brain Tumour Support. Based in the west country, Brain Tumour Support offers the most amazing support to those suffering from and recovering from brain tumours.

What really captured our imagination was the story that Brain Tumour Support wanted to tell. They realised that the way to tell an effective story was to focus on their client rather than themselves. By taking this approach, they had created a hero in the story that wasn’t them. Those who have read our science of storytelling will see the correlation between selecting the story’s hero and audience engagement.

Jane was our hero of the story, and she emotionally tells her story of battle and survival against having a brain tumour. She talks about how the NHS saved her life and how Brain Tumour Support put it back together.