August 2020

In My Shoes


An App That Makes You Stop & Think Can you just imagine, from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed, you are constantly managing your illness? From the constant pain to often embarrassing situations! Well for sufferers of Cronhn's & Colitus this is exactly the dilemmas [...]

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August 2019

A wheelchair giving more independence


Victor MobilityI recently had the pleasure working with former Royal Marine and para-olympian Phil Eaglesham from Victor Mobility I won't give to much away here about Phil's journey as you'll understand his amazing achievements by watching his  film. More to the point I wanted to explain the process we went through in order [...]

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August 2018

It’s Time to Talk


I Really Didn't Want To Make This Film... I was stood on the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. It was dusk and I couldn't quite believe I was actually here making a film about a remarkable man, on a subject that was uncomfortably close to home. For those who are unaware the Golden Gate Bridge, [...]

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