My Why Story

Everybody has a reason why they do or create something. The tough thing is working out why you’re doing it in the 1st place! For me Autumn Films came out of a need to want to make a difference to myself and to people who wanted to tell their story. I guess helping people to tell their story, gave me that warm glow inside as if I was really making a difference to them and a wider audience. This resulted in my own self-esteem being given a boost whilst supporting others. The reason why I mention my own self doubts is that I’ve been a sufferer of mental health issues for many years and at times it has really dictated many facets of my life.

However there came a huge shift in my own health struggles once I started to make films and really learn about the nuances of storytelling and filmmaking. I found the bi-product was that my mental health really had started to improve. It really didn’t take me long to work out that as a filmmaker you have to give a little bit of yourself in order to  gain the trust of your film subjects. I found myself talking and opening up to often complete strangers, but it felt good! I didn’t feel embarrassed or silly in any way, in fact I felt quite empowered. It sounds a bit daft I know and a little tree huggy and of course goes against every a man’s DNA, but I found talking really improved my situation.

Plucking up the courage and a real desire to improve my storytelling and filmmaking skills, I started a 4-month film school course with US based Muse Storytelling. Based in Portland, Oregon it meant time away from the family at times but did change everything. These guys really gave me the confidence to explore my filmmaking ability. Have the power not to be afraid to fail (as long as you learn) and above all go out there make amazing films which make a real difference.

It’s so humbling to know that some of the films I’ve made to date, have had a real impact and made a difference to some lives. I’m not out to save the world, but it has been great saving myself. So I guess I found my WHY!

*The film below was shot on location in San Francisco and formed part of a pre production set for a film I was working on with my film school cohorts. It demonstrates the power of speaking out and the connection of good storytelling.