Anne Frank

The Anne Frank story is a well told one from a period of time we all struggle to comprehend. It was a time Europe was thrown into complete disarray with monstrous ideologies. Hard to imagine the hatred some people felt for their fellow human beings. Sadly it appears we have learnt little from history. It’s clear racism, bigotry and  intolerance is alive and well in the 21st century.

Recently approached by the The Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton, I was asked to make a short film about the up and coming Anne Frank Exhibition . The exhibition ran the later part of 2018 and was a huge success. The idea behind our film was to highlight the reasons, importance and relevance of such an exhibition in the 21st century. Sadly in Somerset race hate crimes are on the increase so our aim was to highlight this trend and the dangers history can teach us.

Leonard Daniels was the heart of our story and is incredibly well versed in the Anne Frank story. Leonard has also been instrumental in setting up the Somerset Anne Frank Awards. Since 2010, the Somerset Anne Frank Awards have celebrated outstanding achievement by students in helping to eliminate bullying and prejudice. For more information on the AWARDS

Our short film was a huge success and no doubt encourage many young people to attend the exhibition and understand the real effect of intolerance and hatred. Anne Frank and her family experienced untold hatred and it is hoped we can at least learn some lessons from Anne’s world famous book. Sadly a book she was never to see published!