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Autumn Films Creator – Martin Hill

Thank you for taking the time to read our bio. Before creating Autumn Films I’ve was a full-time commercial photographer with over 14 years of experience. During that time commercial photography took me on many commissions around the world.

It was in more recent times that I was gifted the opportunity to explore my love and fascination with filmmaking further and I was lucky enough to be excepted into a filmmaking program. Along with 30 other filmmakers from around the world I set off to the USA to learn the art of storytelling and filmmaking. This six-month experience really galvanised my love of making films but also enriched my knowledge of the storytelling process through film.

Working with the multi Emmy award winning team from Still Motion was a real blessing and took my filmmaking knowledge and skills to a whole new level. A level of expertise that I can offer clients of the non profit or business world. For further information please contact me on 07789 750 561.

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