Victor Mobility

I recently had the pleasure working with former Royal Marine and para-olympian Phil Eaglesham from Victor Mobility I won’t give to much away here about Phil’s journey as you’ll understand his amazing achievements by watching his  film. More to the point I wanted to explain the process we went through in order to make this powerful film work for his brand Victor Mobilty.

It’s worth however explaining that initially, Phil and the Victor Mobility team just wanted a functional film that would help connect an audience with their brand. showing off the amazing attributes of the wheelchair they had developed was a must. In essence it wasn’t a film they wanted, it was connection with larger audiences. So how do you go about connecting a brand to an audience? Well with story! It’s proven that when audiences watch films about products and services and are bombarded with facts and figures, they quickly disengage with what’s being said and lose interest in the message and retain very little information if any.

This was the approach the Victor Mobility team wanted to take. Until however when I explained story to them and the power of narrative transportation. Studies show that the the more a person is transported in a story, the more likely they are to take on the actions and beliefs of the service or product and connect with it. This is the approach I suggested to Victor Mobility. Rather than focus on the facts and figures of the wheelchair, why not concentrate on how the wheelchair came to life. So we decided to tell Phil’s story (the wheelchairs creator).

Once the film was released , the Victor mobility website went into overdrive. Messages and genuine inquiries came flooding in. The film had done its purpose. To connect an audience with the product by the power of narrative transportation in the form of storytelling!

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